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Anal Fissure

  • What is Anal Fissure ( Fissure in Ano )?

Anal Fissure is a crack at the outer margin of anus which is usually caused due to passage of very hard stools

    • What are the symptoms of Anal Fissure?

Severe Anal Pain along with slight bleeding at the time of passage of stools

    • What are the treatment options for Anal Fissure & period of recovery?

    • Local ointment & jelly , along with laxatives for initial cases
    • Surgery ( Internal Sphincterotomy / Lateral Sphincterotomy ) for recurrent & chronic anal fissures
    • Operative Recovery time is 3-4 days

    • What is the cost of Anal Fissure surgery?

The surgical package costs between Rs 30,000 and 50,000 in a private hospital for anal Fissure Treatment in Delhi, India depending upon the type of room.

Anal Fissure Treatment in Delhi

Anal fissure occurs when the lining of anus undergoes wear & tear. This usually happens when a person puts a lot of pressure while passing stool. This medical condition causes unbearable pain to the victim and he has hard time passing stool. But now by undergoing anal fissure treatment in Delhi from Dr. Amit Agarwal, you can get relief from this problem forever. Consult him personally at his clinic for better guidance.

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